• About Us

Blank Page Industries provides an inspirational environment for writers on Tuesday evenings, between 6-9pm, to commit to the development of a regular habit of writing.  If you can’t get here at 6pm it’s fine to join us later in the evening for an hour or two.  Most writers also stay on half-an-hour for a drink and chat about how the evening went.

  • Date Night with the Muse

We give you permission to write and let the other things in your life carry on without you for a few hours.  Think of it as a Date Night with the Muse.  Inspiration can be elusive and temperamental but if you are attentive in your courtship before long you will find she will be waiting for you when you arrive.

  • We are not a forum for feedback

There are a number of writing groups in Leeds already that are extremely helpful for developing a critical view of your writing.  The disadvantage of writing for an audience is the added pressure to produce something of a certain colour and shape, a beautiful sentence, which can stifle creativity and prevent a writer from finding their particular voice.  We expect our writers to enjoy themselves, be modest in their expectations, and industrious in their application.

  • We are not a venue for performance

There are regular opportunities to read your work at regular poetry and spoken word events in Leeds but at Blank Page Industries we are interested in developing the fundamental writing habits you will need to achieve your potential as a writer.  For us it is all about learning to put in the time and effort each week (or however often you commit to writing) getting past the excuses and fears and getting the best returns for your time and effort.

  • How we can help you

If you have a writing project or goal in mind (for example, a poem, short-story, or novel) you are welcome to come along and just use our space to write.  If you are struggling for ideas, or would just like some guidance or inspiration, we will supply prompts for both poets and writers of fiction.  We also have a selection of creative writing books for reference, and stationery for the hopelessly disorganised.

Blank Page Industries is free-of-charge to all but we suggest a donation of £2.00 to attendees to help with expenses such as photocopying and coffee.

You can keep track of events by liking our Facebook Page.

Our space will comfortably seat twenty writers so it’s probably okay to show up on any Tuesday evening without booking.  However,  to ensure a place, you can get FREE TICKETS HERE from Eventbrite each week.

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